About us

Lieke Sluis-Hoogerwerf and Gerard Zwerver organize and guide the Team Impact Journeys. Together they guarantee that you get the optimal (learning) experience from your trip.

Lieke Sluis-Hoogerwerf Lieke Sluis-Hoogerwerf has extensive expertise and experience in the field of self-organization, network organization, change management and healthcare innovation. She is a business economist and a graduate in social innovation. She co-founded the concept of self-managing teams in the Netherlands, provided post-graduate courses in change management and supervised several social innovation programs. Since 2007 she has focused on organizational development in caring for vulnerable people. Her company focuses on strengthening teamwork and coordination in the care for the elderly and the disabled. The online reflection platform OnsTeamPortaal, developed by Lieke, is a powerful tool for this.

Gerard Zwerver

Gerard Zwerver is a social entrepreneur, focused on Community Health Care Development, and committed to the most vulnerable people in society. He is a nurse, community health officer and international developer. In Afghanistan he helped to set up a hospital, he rehabilitated a prison and carried out a ‘Health System Research’ in the Cameroon rain-forest and presently he is involved in a healthcare project concerning the disabled in India and in a rural development project in Cameroon. Within the aforementioned work situations, Gerard has worked as a researcher, general and project manager, coach and entrepreneur. He also has extensive experience in Dutch long-term healthcare, both as a care provider and in the role of interim manager.

´´Dignity does not wait for better times….´´

(Alberto Cairo)