Our route

Of course we will prepare well for our journey. The whole process looks like this:

1. Join us or not?
Interested? Come to our introductory meeting on the 26th of March and see if you can make a choice out of Kenya and India:

  • Explanation of the two weeks in Kenya and India.
  • Explanation of the work-study program: growing in cooperation, learning by doing and reflection.
  • Personal motivation. Why would you join us? What triggers you?
  • Social entrepreneurship (inclusion) according to ‘guest speaker’ Alberto Cairo.

2. Preparation

a) Intake

b) Preparation process with your own group. Largely online.

  • You get access to our online learning platform, where you can find everything you need: reading assignments, videos, checklists, and details of the trip.
  • Shortly before departure we organize a Kick-on meeting to get to know each other, exchange questions and especially to start sharing fun…

3. The journey
With ´our team’ we will been visiting our community for almost two weeks. We take you to the mental state of ‘not-knowing’ to discover from there on the spot where we can help improve the quality of care. We do not give advice, with the community we will bring existing ideas to the next level.

4. Back
It does not have to stop after returning home. On the contrary!

  • You bring your experiences back home to inspire your own work environment. If you want more insight into your future role in teamwork, we can coach you.
  • You will keep in touch with your travel companions and with your new Kenyan or Indian contacts to ensure that the project remains successful. The online learning platform will facilitate this, partly by giving updates.

5. And then?

We visit every project twice a year, each time with a different team. By returning to these communities we want to contribute to continuity. Each team receives the assignment to find out what they are going to contribute to and how to realize this. If you want to do more, you can join a future trip.