Team reflection with OnsTeamPortaal

During our journey we execute three team reflections of about one and a half hours. In the team reflection you and your teammates reflect on, ‘what they see’. Team reflection is an extremely powerful tool to accelerate ownership, self-organization and co-directing in teams. Sharing perspectives and experiences, and discovering during ‘a good conversation’ what makes the team stronger, to actually achieve results. The trick is not to do this once, but to make it a good habit.

To facilitate joint reflection, we use the online reflection platform OnsTeamPortaal. This contains three questionnaires specially tailored to Team Impact Journeys. Each one complements this as a prelude to a good discussion about team functioning.

Our Team Portal offers a team multiple ‘digital ways of looking’ through individual questionnaires. Each questionnaire questions a specific theme that really matters and provides a different view of the team. A team completes one questionnaire at a time, as a prelude to a good conversation.

Our Team Portal was developed for (self-organizing) healthcare teams who care for the elderly and care for people with disabilities. In the meantime we gained experience by collaborating with 6 healthcare providers for a total of approximately 120 teams, accompanied by more than 20 team coaches. Team members, coaches and managers experience that, teams working with OnsTeamPortaal take control, improve on job satisfaction, improve on team behavior and working atmosphere, and pay more attention to their clients. Partly on the basis of these positive experiences, different applications of  OnsTeamPortaal are being developed to serve other co-directing partnerships.

M. Ramose: To make issues present you have to come together and chat…🌴