Travel advice

We refer you to the GGD (Public Healthcare Service) in (the vicinity of) your place of residence, private traveler advice bureaus or your doctor for a sound travel advice concerning vaccinations, nutrition and hygiene, etc. You are responsible for these preventive health measures and for making the right choices, but we will appreciate it if you are properly advised and treated preventative, before we start our journey. In case you want a primary advice, you can contact program manager Gerard Zwerver in his role as a qualified (non-executive) nurse and travel adviser.

(This video is Dutch spoken)

Cancellation insurance

We advise each participant on our journeys to close an appropriate travel insurance policy, which covers repatriation, rescue costs and other medical costs. We will ask you to make the data known to us. So, that we can act appropriately when needed.


You can arrange your visa by yourself or via our support partner TUI at Home at an additional cost of 10 euros. If you want to make use of this service, please contact Monique Berkenbosch.


We expect all participants to bring a laptop. Necessary to use the online reflection program OnsTeamPortaal and the Learning Platform as part of our work and learning program.

Telephone and internet

Contact your own telecom provider for your conditions concerning calling, texting and using internet in the country of destination. We recommend buying a local SIM card, as this will probably bring less costs (20-30 euros for the two weeks: internet (-calling)). This can be done on arrival at the airport. For the same reason you could decide to bring a second phone. A local SIM card with data gives you the opportunity to connect your laptop to the internet if you have access to a hotspot on your phone. Which can be helpful with regard to the digital part of the program. The local SIM card provides a good guarantee for an internet connection in the more remote areas. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.