Journey to India

Travel schedule

2021: 22nd January till 5th of February

Day 1

Friday, 22th of January: we leave from Amsterdam at noon. This means that we meet at Schiphol at 9 am. We arrive at 01.00 am at night (local time – January 23th) and we expect to be in our hotel around 03.00 am (time difference of 4.5 hours).

Day 2

Saturday, 23th of January: after breakfast we leave at 11.00 to the airport for an 1 hour flight to Dehradun. We travel to the hotel in Rishikesh and we get to know the spirituality of India: we attend the daily ‘ceremony of light’, on the banks of the river Ganges.

Day 3

Sunday, 24th of January: in the morning we will meet the Rural Development Institute (RDI) and the Pooja Kajal Foundation. Both will explain which projects they are currently initiating and shaping. They will tell us more about the region / state of Uttarakhand and its healthcare system. Our program starts here. After lunch we will take a walk along the Ganges and adore the colors, smells, and the handicrafts of ´beautiful India´. Time to shop and time to experience the holy water and the Himalayas.

Day 4:

Monday 25th of January: we are introduced to the project concerning the care for the disabled that has been designed by the RDI since 2012. The Pooja Kajal Foundation is now involved in the fundraising and reform of the project to ensure its progress. After lunch we will move to the Guesthouse of the RDI, in Dehradun (travel time 45 min).

Day 5:

Tuesday 26th of January: first we get to know the other team members of the RDI and ‘The Flying Birds School´ who are part of the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT). In this we will mainly follow the ‘The Flying Birds’ children, for which the Pooja Kajal Foundation initially started to raise funds. 

Day 6:

Team Impact Journey

Wednesday 27th of January: we visit the disabled project and then, together with the clients and Health Practitioners, look at how entrepreneurship can be strengthened and inclusion to the next level can be designed.

Day 7 and 8:

Thursday 28th and Friday the 29th of January: together with a team of local Health Practitioners and community members we will design a project in 2 days. In the afternoons a cultural program, or relaxation and / or yoga classes, will follow as desired. It is also possible to visit other projects in the vicinity of the RDI.

Day 9:

Saturday 30st of January: we say goodbye to the RDI and the Pooja Kajal Foundation and spend the day on our trip to Agra.

Day 10:

Sunday 31st of January: we will visit one of the world wonders the Taj Mahal and subsequently The Red Fort in Agra!

Day 11:

Monday 1st of February: we take the day off in warm and hectic India and get to know more about the Indian cuisine.

Day 12 and 13:

Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd of February: in our hotel we will reflect on what we have done in India, Dehradun, and see what we have learned. And, how to continue! In the afternoon there is room for relaxation a.o.

Day 14:

Thursday 4th of February: we travel by bus to the hotel where we started, we have a relaxed evening and leave around 23:00 pm direction airport.

Day 15:

Friday 5th of February: we fly back to Amsterdam at the beginning of the night and arrive at Schiphol at 08.00 am in the morning (6th of February).

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