Journey to Kenia

Travel schedule Kenya

2020: 25th of September till 9th of October

Day 1

Friday, 25th of September: we leave Amsterdam at 1:00 pm. This means that we meet at Schiphol at 10 am. We arrive at Nairobi at 20.00 in the evening and we expect to be in our hotel around 23:00.

Day 2

Saturday, 26th of September: after the joint breakfast we leave at 10.00 with 2 minibuses to the Masai village Olooloimutai about 6 hours drive southwest of Nairobi. We will settle down at the campsite where we will stay for 8 nights.

Day 3

Sunday, 27th of September: in the morning we will meet the community members and Health Practitioners of Olooloimutai. Our content program starts there! In the evening we go for a campfire dinner at the setting sun with a view over the Masai Mara, while listening to the stories of the Masai.

Day 4:

Monday, 28th of September: in the morning part 2 of the content program and after lunch we will get acquainted with customs and habits of the Masai, in the village. The options include javelin throwing, building houses, fetching water, cooking or handicrafts.

Day 5:

Tuesday 29th of September: another working day (morning), followed by the first team reflection. In the evening storytelling from the team at the campfire.

Day 6, 7:

Wednesday the 30st and Thursday the 1st of October: time for an outing and time to fulfill our promise, we throw you to the lions! We go on safari for 2 days, looking for the big five and many others in the famous nature reserve Masai Mara, part of the Serengeti (Tanzania).

Day 8.9:

Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of October: in the mornings, together with a representative team from the community, we will design a health care project and in the afternoons we will discover more about the customs and habits of the Masai in Olooloimutai and find the necessary relaxation.

Day 10:

Sunday, 4th of October: time to take some distance! We leave the Masai Mara and travel to the white beaches south of Mombasa. Via a ten-hour trip by car and by plane, we end up in Diani Beach.

Day 11, 12, 13, 14:

Monday the 5th up to Thursday the 8th of October: We alternate relaxation with reflection and looking ahead. We visit the brand new shelter for stray children. We discuss with the local child police officer how she stimulates youth care in the community. Two days off ends our program in Kenya.

Day 15:

Friday the 9th of October: we take the night flight back to Amsterdam from Mombasa. At 14:00 pm we leave for Mombasa. We fly at 20.00 pm and arrive at Schiphol at 7 o’clock in the morning (10th of October).

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