Work&Learning-Program: building blocks

Team learning

During the journeys we alternately deal with ´acting´ or´reflecting´. The emphasis is on team learning: creating action with the other participants and reflect on this together. The team assignment is to help forward the health care (situation) in and with the community. Where the social entrepreneurship of the people themselves is the starting point.

Assignment for the team

How can community members together with other stakeholders outside their community, shape their future  healthcare? What makes their social entrepreneurship stronger? With what and how can we support? What result does that yield? These are the leading questions at the start of our journey. With the target positively affect the health care in the community.

Improving on cooperation

The starting point is that all team members give direction to the teamwork and create a way of cooperation with the inhabitants. To support the team we bring a sophisticated work & learning program consisting of the following building blocks:

  • a preparation meeting in the Netherlands, shortly before departure
  • an online learning platform on which information, inspiring videos and individual learning assignments are presented
  • a ‘kick on’ workshop on the first day, on location
  • two design workshops, aimed at elaborating a concrete collaboration project
  • three team reflections to strengthen teamwork and co-directing in the team, with the help of OnsTeamPortaal
  • a cultural program, given to be able to come into contact with the community members
  • a closing meeting with a guest speaker, we explore our deliverables, after our experiences and moments of reflecting during the journey.

Work and relax

Alternating exercise with relaxation is extremely important. We keep this as a framework: the team will work for 45 hours, spread over 9 ‘working days’. From the total number of 15 travelling days, 9 days count as ‘working days’, 2 days as travel days and 4 days as days off.

Cultural program

In order to get in touch with the residents in a casual way, a cultural program during ‘free time’ is part of the journey. For example, you will be throwing traditional javelin with some Masai ´warriors´, or helping with cooking in the Indian community. For the possible activities, see journey to Kenya or India. Whoever attends certain activities, we decide on the spot.

Continuation of cooperation

If you want to continue the cooperation with other participants and with the community, we warmly welcome this. In any case, we strive to go to the same communities with several groups. So, that the village builds up a wide network of contacts, to involve them in their healthcare entrepreneurship.

Strengthen social entrepreneurship

Designing care for tomorrow is primarily a matter of social entrepreneurship for a community in Kenya or India. Some members take an initiative and, together with a growing support network, develop a local healthcare innovation. In the context of a limited (government) health care system and additional national and sometimes global healthcare programs.

The online learning platform facilitates you to study different forms of social entrepreneurship and obtained experiences with it.